The Ultimate Guide to a Parade of Homes

There are many different real estate tours, but often overlooked is the parade of homes. Many people are unaware of what a parade of homes is, so let’s discuss what it is and how you may participate in this event.


What is the Parade of Homes?

Parade of Homes is an event where you can see different new houses. The homes are all different, and some are for sale. You will get to see the home before you buy it. A parade of homes in Orlando is gaining momentum this year. It will be an amazing thing for someone who wants to buy a new house because they will see many different designs.

The Parade of Homes has been where developers show the latest in new home design and model home floor plans for a long time. In 1962 Homearamas were produced by the Local Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati. The Building Industry Association has sponsored several Parade of Homes activities.

Parades are available in various styles, and some can be in one location, while others may have multiple locations. Some homes events include multi-million dollar homes like Street Dreams. Still, others have more affordable houses that people can buy. Whether you are planning to buy a tiny house, bungalow, duplex, or a luxurious one, checking the parade homes is something you should definitely consider.

Judging Deadlines

Some houses in the parade received awards. Remodel, New Homes Developers, and Specialists Design are the four categories of the Florida Parade for Houses. House renovations, interior, outdoor, and whole-house renovations are all examples of remodeling kinds. Individual, multi-family, and Custom Residences are all types of new homes. In some neighborhoods you will even see fancy wood fencing installed, and other optional features to make the houses appealing.  Developer categories include communities + 3 Models.

What Should I Look For?

Suppose several building contractors compete to provide assurance and demonstrate how their job can be completed. In that case, they will go out of their way to make the homes appealing. They don’t want the houses to get too big. You’ll probably see styles that are not conservative or traditional if you like them.

After all, a house parade aims to share innovative designs, even if it looks like an otherwise conservative market. Parade homes reflect aspirational architectural styles, ranging from craftsman to contemporary.

Staging for the Parade

MHM Professional Staging is a GABA sponsor for the Orlando Parade of Home. They have won 20 awards in the last 10 years. This year, they became Gold Sponsors. Although this event has closed registration, you can still have your home staged with MHM Professional Staging expertise.

Where Can I Learn More About the Houses on Tour?

A new free book called The Travel Book is available for free two weeks before your trip at the Regional Holiday Store. It has information about each house you visit and articles with design pieces. You can also find it on There are many ways to look for fun and easy trips at this website year-round.

Who Builds the Homes Featured in the Parade of Homes?

All Parade homes were made with help from a builder who belongs to the trade organization called Housing First Minnesota Foundation. Members of this organization get to stay up-to-date on new products and services and work together to provide a healthy housing market.

Why Is the Parade of Homes So Popular?

The Parade of Homes is an excellent place to find new homes. There are many different options for visitors. People can choose between prices and styles. The cost of each day is advertised, so you know how much it will cost to purchase a home at the Parade of Homes. You have the power to decide which house best fits your preferences, especially in cold places; it makes it easier for you to prepare for winter.

What if I’m Not in the Market for a New Home?

Many people visit homes during the Parade of Homes that are moving. It is okay if they don’t know how to make changes because it will be good. The Parade of Homes also shows new houses and helps people with what they want in their homes. Most Minnesotans will become homeowners, and they need to make good decisions for their houses.

How Can I Stay Updated About the Parade of Homes? provides you with the dates for upcoming tours of homes, parade routes, and information to help you make a better decision. It also lets you search for homes and get updates on new and old houses.

Where Can I Find Out More About the Builders?

Builder listings are easy to find on When you search for a builder, the website will help you choose the right one for your needs. It also links Parade Homes with Company Websites so that you can get all of the information that is needed before making a decision.

How Much Does It Cost To Tour?

Visitor fees for these properties can be charged at a $5 fee unless the first Minneapolis Housing Foundation selects them for their dream homes. Every donation helps the Foundation build homes for families in the area.

When Can I Visit the Parade of Homes?

The Local Parade is a big celebration in the city. It lasts for six months, and starts in March and ends in September. They have Home Hours every day of the week from 12 noon to 6pm.

You can check out this link to learn more about the parade of homes.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Parade of Homes

Is Parade of Homes a National Thing?

In 1948, the first American home-tour organization was founded as “Housing First Minnesota’s builder’s association” in Minnesota. Housing First Minnesota Foundation established it in 2010 and has since grown into a worldwide event.

How many people attend the St. George Parade of Homes?

In 2014, the parade had almost 400,000 visitors.